Dimple McInvale 

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Dimple's first book, "Prayers to Cast Out Demons, Heal the Sick and Raise the Dead" has been printed and is available from several places. If you'd like to read reviews or find more information, visit this page.

Her second book, "Prayers - Breaking Witchcraft Curses" has now been published by AtL Publishing Co. and is available on Amazon. To read reviews or order, visit this page.

Dimple's first novel, "A Breaking Heart" has been re-released through AtL Publishing Co. - if you'd like to read about this book, see this page.

Dimple's third book on prayer, "Restoration Miracles- Coming to Your House Today" is also available on Amazon.com - the listing is here.

Please visit the Miracle Healing Center Church. If you have visited this website to learn how to be saved, the first page you should see is this one.

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There are very real problems in the world- people are suffering more and more from addictions to pornography, alcohol and drugs. These addictions are bad in themselves, but they cause other problems in our society as well- physical abuse, mental abuse, rape, murder; the list could go on and on.

We are fighting a spiritual war - until we claim victory over these things in the spiritual realm, we can never have a physical victory over them. If you or someone you know are suffering from sex addictions, pornography addictions, alcohol addictions, drug addictions or any other kind of addiction, please let us help you -contact us so we can be in prayer with you. Visit our site map for specific prayers that might help you.

A Story of Deliverance

"I don't remember the exact date and year, but Mary, my Mother, and I came by the Chapel on the Southern Blvd. to see you one day. I had struggled for years with thoughts, and acts also, of suicide.


Rescue from an Abusive Situation

Dear Family:

This is the beautiful "Ms. Dimple" that Jesus used to find me and us (my 4 wonderful children) in a very abused situation. She had a television show "For Women Only" and worked with abused women and children. In that crisis weekend as I was held captive by this alcoholic man at knife point and beat every few minutes, sitting in shambles of my torn-to-pieces things, I was crying out desperately for help "Jesus Help Me", literally.


"Dimple has made a change in my dreams. I was bound by demonic sex attacks while dreaming. Dimple prayed for me and sent prayers of deliverance and healing on line. I haven't had a "bad" dream for months now. She is always there to answer my emails and I feel a genuine love from her, not always available in traditional church. We are now believing for fianances, love, and success for me and husband. I love you Dimple and you will always be in my heart! May God bless you richly! Rachael Kougl"